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I'm an anorexorcist... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[07 Aug 2008|09:40pm]
I have dreams where I murder people.
friends, animals, and people I don't know.
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[23 Jul 2008|01:45am]
I am so fucking tired.
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[17 Jun 2008|07:45pm]
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Please vote for my portfolio/look at naked pictures! [12 Jun 2008|12:47pm]
Please check out my portfolio at artist wanted....


and give it awesome stars.

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fuck digital photography [08 Jun 2008|10:22pm]
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Things I like [05 Jun 2008|12:43pm]

My fellow friend and photographer Jenny Wolf got accepted into an exhibition for the work she did with matches & nakedness that Arlie and I modeled for.

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[04 Jun 2008|02:37pm]
so...if Hillary Clinton gets on the democratic ticket as VP with Obama...uhhh...I'm thinking the democratic party might be hurting...
just a thought.
most that support him hate her...
Evidently the BET founder does. I think he's an idiot.

Ran around today to the bank and city hall to pay a gas bill before it gets shut off... Evidently it was closed? There were firetrucks outside and the lady was a smart ass and told me to watch the news. Evidently it's not that important, cause I couldn't figure it out...

Last night hung out with some cool people, formally re-met some really cool people I knew from AFO and Charlottesville. And me, a fashion major, a crafts major, 2 kitties, and my iguana will be living together. And cheap rent.
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I hate... [02 Jun 2008|04:10pm]
ultimate pet peeves:
-slow/bad drivers
-friends who are flakes and can NEVER keep a god damn commitment.
-indecisive boys

the end.
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[04 May 2008|05:53pm]
Sometimes I love that the world is based on connections.
who you know.
when I reap those benefits.

I'm going to start working at Patrick Henry's Grill and Pub on 23rd & Broad where Acapella used to be. I know one of the owners and got to check out the menu, which looks dank and reasonably priced, evidently the chef is amazing. They open in 3 weeks. So I'll be in Charlottesville for about 2 weeks working.

And I get $500/month for HSURP shit, and $375/week for 3 weeks teaching at the Visual Arts Center.

then maybe buy a sweet ($850) camera?

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[25 Apr 2008|10:43pm]
You know what I love.
Belle Isle.
Free film.
Huge bottles of fix.
classic rock.
and marijuana.
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HOLLA [06 Apr 2008|01:03am]
there's a bullet hole in my floor.
i love weddings.
so beautiful, I wanna get pregnant and married....

[Big Pun]
It's mine; it's all mine you understand?
At least me and my peoples
Can you dig that?
21st century -- thought I'd never see it
Right around the corner, baby
Ours for the taking

[Verse one: Big Pun]

Yo; I've seen child blossom to man,
some withered and turned to murderers
Led astray by the liars death glorifiers observin us
Watching us close, marking our toast ??
purposely overtaxin the earnings
Nervous, burning down the churches
They're scared of us, rather beware than dare to trust
Always in jail, million dollar bail, left there to rust
Let's call in order, give ourselves a chance to enhance broader
Advance to where minorities are the majority voter
Holdin my own, I'm livin alone in this cold world
My sister just bought a home without a loan, you go girl!
She's an exception, some people can leap to the impression
See, me myself, I start flippin and fall victim to deep depression
I'm stressin the issue here, so we can cross the fiscal year
Tired of gettin fired and hired as a pistol-eer
There's no longevity living off negativity
Fuck it, I'd rather sell reefer than do pizza delivery
That's how the city be, everybody gettin they hustle on
Judge singin death penalty like it's his favorite fuckin song
Word is bond, takin my life you know they lovin it
God 'F' the government and it's fuckin capital punishment!

[Chorus: Prospect]

Capital punishment, given by the government
System so organized they get to you and who you runnin with
Can't live alone, watch for the spies and tapped phones
Totin the llello for life, the rightful heir to the throne
We come from Kings and Queens, people with dreams, Gods and Earths
For what it's worth, we benefit the Earth with infinite worth
First it's turnin tables, open our own labels
Disable the Republicans, then reverse capital punishment

[Verse Two: Big Pun]

I've seen it all up close, shit out the movies you'd be buggin
My cousin JuJe, barely a juve', lost it and turned on the oven
He wasn't playin, blew out the flame and started inhalin
Barin a secret too deep to keep on the street for sharin
Wearin the virus, Acquired Immune Deficiency
Dishin his dick in every thick promiscuous fish in the sea
Listen to me, shit is rough in the ghetto
You bluff, blow your head off, fuck a snuff, we bust lead off!
Get off your high horse, or die off like an extinction
Boriquans are like Mohicans, +The Last of the Po'Ricans+
We need some unity, fuck all the jeeps and jewelry
The maturity, keeps me six feet, above obscurity
The streets are deadly and everybody's a desperado
I guess the motto we promise to let you homage in death your motto
Like Zorro, I mark my territory with a symbol
Not with a Z, but a P, cause Punishment's what I resemble!
I lend you this if it expands yours, for you and yours
A real man can't fall, he stands tall
The Man's claws are diggin in my back, I'm tryin to hit him back
Time to counteract, where my niggaz at?


[Verse Three: Prospect]

You like that, it's Pun and Prospect
We hold nines, own more treasure than gold mines, makin progress
With Don Juan's, there's rules to be made, crews to be sprayed
Dues to be paid, nuttin y'all can do to behave
We laid in the slums, made a cake out of crumbs
Even though the government, tryin to take out our sons
Rudy Gulliani trying to blind me, but I see reality
Was raised with the street mentallity
My strategy's why my battery never die
The ghetto kept me wise, so I would never fall to the lies
It's no surprise, but do or die if you want the glamour
Yeah, I want the glamour, laid up with cheese and trees in Atlanta
While Cuban's smoked out like Ronald Isley with Havanas
The hammer in the palm, never shaky, calm handlers
This renegade blow through barricades like grenades
I turn the sun to shade, then the night back to day
Like the twenty-four hour rotation
I know the location, it's just a little in-for-mation
From the Squad, bringing the Terror for the nine-era
And let it rain on your fine leather, nigga, what?

[beat to fade]
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[05 Apr 2008|05:09am]
I want to be a train hopper.
And a field of windmills to take pictures of.
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[27 Mar 2008|12:07am]
worst few days ever.

but i modeled naked and played with fire. i feel like i'm giving back to my community.

i'm compulsively buying cameras and it's making me really poor.

god damn.
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[15 Mar 2008|09:29pm]
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[15 Mar 2008|04:54pm]
I went into overtime this week. My paycheck should be larger, that doesn't say much though considering I get $30 paychecks and get paid $2.15/hr. I hate working with retards though, and dealing with assholes. I had 2 black women from the dance party try to run out on their check and a wasted fat black bitch wanted to fight me in the bathroom.

An old man told me I was awesome and the service was great. And gave me a $20 tip on a $20 check. That makes me want to be nice to random people and make their day.

No more work. Heaven.

Some how I'm surviving on very little sleep. And 1 "meal" a day, which has proven to -monetary wise- be advantageous.
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[14 Mar 2008|04:20am]
I just got off of work. It's 4:20 am. I worked 17 hours today. The UVA law kids came and trashed the place, I wish I could have taken a picture, it was insane, worse than any party I've been to. Bottles broken, on the floor, alcohol spilled everywhere. Someone got kicked off for pissing on the patio. I was a royal bitch to them. Yesterday was my only day off because I overslept and woke up at 12, I was supposed to be there at 10. Which is when I have to go in tomorrow. Then we had a work meeting, which I was drunk for, and went on rants about putting slits in the fucking lemons, and food runners.

I'm so exhausted.
This break hasn't really been a break.

but I have a cute guy friend that I can sleep in the same bed with and do nothing, and I think that's cute.
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[13 Mar 2008|04:22pm]
I have an interview at Richmond Camera.
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David Levinthal... [10 Mar 2008|01:36am]
is amazing.

"Hitler moves East" series with kodalith

"XXX"series with polaroid polarcolor ER land film

but he does some really weird shit with miniatures.
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markus richter [15 Feb 2008|09:32pm]
cause I feel dead creatively.

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[02 Feb 2008|05:01pm]
got pulled over again. it's ridiculous.
however, instead of being charged with reckless...I got a ticket for not having my registration, which can be dismissed if I find it. Fine with me.

I need some motivation for life right now.
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